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Welcome to the official website of the Public Health Hospital for chronic psychiatric Modriča

- Ministry of health and social welfare of the Republic of Srpska
- Health insurance fund of the Republic of Srpska
- Modrica Municipality


Hospital for Chronic Psychiatry Modrica is a public health institution aimed at providing patients’ diagnoses, medical treatment and care as well as rehabilitation or improvement of existing psychological conditions using specific methods of psychotherapy of severely ill patients, of whom there is an ever-increasing number in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore we provide social protection and social care of the physically and psychologically ill adult patients, work and occupational therapy through cultural entertainment and recreational rehabilitation programs, social services and other services depending on the health status, needs, abilities and interests of our patients.

When providing health care service to patients we apply solutions and methods available by health care institutions in the RS. In line with the development of this institution, we strive to achieve our goals and to implement new strategies which will lead to improved service quality, increased productivity and working conditions of the employees.

- The Health Care Act
- Act of the Health care of Persons with Mental Disorders
- Policy of Quality

- Information Security Policy
- Policy of protecting Health and Safety at Work

- Food Safety Police
- Policy of Smoking Restrictions

- Environmental Policy
- Code of Ethics of Nurses and Technicians

- Admission to the Hospital


-Rehabilitation House-

Where are we

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The hospital is located in the municipality of Modrica, which is situated within three specific geographic areas, namely the Bosnian Posavina plain, the valley of the river Bosna and mountain Vučjak on the left side of the valley of the river Bosna. This geographical position of the municipality Modrica, which being on the border of two big European territories (Balkan and Central European) has to a large extent determined the local people’s fate throughout history.

The hospital is a health institution, which provides medical treatment and hospitalisation of chronically ill psychiatric patients from all of Republic of Srpska as well as Bosnian and Croatian Federation.

Clinical Hospital is situated in the village Garevac near Modriča within a complex of several separate buildings.

The hospital’s second location is also in the municipality Modrica in the village Kladari, where a building called “Protected house” is situated. This is an additional building belonging to the hospital where patients can stay.


Our vision, as a medical institution for accommodating and caring for patients with mental illnesses, is to be an innovative institution with the necessary medical equipment, adequate space and conditions for accommodating patients and to have educated labor force, that can provide the latest psychiatric care methods and rehabilitation programs.
Hospital management is continuously working to remedy the shortcomings within the hospital in terms of facilities, equipment and personnel through the following process:

1. standardisation;
2. assessment and identification of patients’ needs;
3. creating a care plan by a multidisciplinary team;
4. establishment of educational rehabilitation programs for patients;
5. the rights and safety of patients;
6. reconstruction of three existing buildings

Hospital management endeavors to implement standards set by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Srpska and to document work processes (procedures, guidelines, policies, plans). The management also seeks to improve interdisciplinary collaboration with other health institutions with whom we cooperate in order to provide quality service to the user-patient.

Our goal is to improve rehabilitation programs on individual and group level, by introducing a wider range of work-occupational content, better organization of service departments and educational personnel, and education and training of all lines of management of the hospital in terms of adoption of specialist knowledge and skills in the field of health and management.

In order to improve patient’s service it is necessary to keep the ultrasound cabinet with an ultrasound machine and all the probes adequately equipped.

In order to ensure the rights and safety of users within the healthcare system of the Republic of Srpska are respected, whilst at the same time respecting the laws of Health Care of Republic of Srpska, we have developed and implemented policies to regulate the treatments and safety interventions of patients in accordance with the laws.

Further effort needs to be made in order to improve information technology, which would enable us to track:

- Mortality,
- Functional status, rights and safety of patients,
- Altered state of health,
- Ability to work,
- Quality of life.

Our efforts in creating a vision for the Hospital are directed at: modernizing the hospital in accordance with the Action Plan in the field of mental health in Europe; the development strategy for mental health in the Republic of Srpska (from 2009 to 2015); the standards of the World Health Organization for the Promotion of Mental Health; the importance of mental health, addressing the issue of stigma and discrimination, prevention of mental health problems and suicide, providing easy access to primary care for mental health problems, the establishment of provision of information about mental health and the provision of adequate funding.


- Improving protection and the social rights of patients;
- Introducing measures for rationalisation and saving in the area of drug usage and medical supplies;
- Training of personnel;
- Introduction of Information Technology;
- Addressing the problems of the lack of equipment, personnel and facilities;
- To determine the financing of the actual number of beds in the hospital in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Public Foundation of the Republic of Srpska;
- Hospital certification;
- Influencing the local community and relatives with the aim of combating prejudices towards mentally ill persons and prevention of discrimination as well as inclusion of patients in the wider community.
- Establishing partnerships with the local community in order to implement the health development strategy of the Republic of Srpska, adopted by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, concerning the mentally ill patients.

  Public Health Hospital for chronic psychiatric
Šamački put BB, Garevac, 74480 Modriča, Republika Srpska, Bosna i Hercegovina
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